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Biohacker, Techno-Shaman, Visionary

I help individuals restore health and vitality by designing customized health programs that address genetic weaknesses, nutritional deficiencies, emotional traumas, and performance issues. By transforming advanced multidisciplinary research into potent programs, I provide each individual with an operator’s manual for their unique body. My client base includes professional athletes, type-A high performers, autistic children, and individuals with autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders and other chronic illnesses. I enjoy creating solutions for the world’s most difficult problems and thrive on helping people transform their health and performance.
Here are recent testimonials from my clients:

“I have had MAJOR success with Ryan’s program. He fully took care
of painful fibromyalgia in both upper arms which kept me awake at night and in constant pain. This is now GONE after three months of treatment.” ~S.B., age 46

“I am a professional cyclist, so obviously my body is important to me. This space does not allow me to elaborate on all the injuries and health needs with which Ryan has helped me with. Suffice it to say that I consider the technology he uses along with his integrity in administering it indispensable to my life and athletic career. There is no health science more highly evolved and effective than the one he uses. My thanks to him for his ability to recognize truths.” ~R.K., age 55

“I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 1994. Since that time I have lived with the symptoms and controlled them to some extent only with acupuncture, finally agreeing to take anti-thyroid medication because of potentially serious long-term effects of an over-active thyroid. Ryan began working with me six months ago when I was taking 20 mg. a day. He pinpointed the source of the auto-immune reaction causing the thyroid disease and designed a supplementation and lifestyle program that helped turn off the auto-immune issues and supported inherited genetic weaknesses. The result is that I am now off my medication and for the first time in 12 years, my blood tests are reflecting dramatic change towards normal thyroid function. We are now moving on to address other conditions and I am very, very grateful!”  ~K.M. , age 47

“For 2 years I took my daughter to various MDs to try to get her extreme fatigue, frequent sore throats, recurring flu and colds handled. At first she was given antibiotics which made her feel better for a short time, and then worse. Then a blood test revealed “mono” –more antibiotics, then worse again. Ryan discovered her problem as being Epstein Barr Virus, and a blood test confirmed her diagnosis. With one month, my daughter regained energy that she thought was gone forever. It really is a whole new world. She eats better, sleeps better, and has enthusiasm back. Apparently she had this undiagnosed problem for some time. So it is a great thing that I discovered Ryan!  He changed our lives. ~K.F., age 42”