“Take control of your genetic blueprint”

dna with uv light-crop-u43629

Kosmic Animal translates recent genomic, genetic, and epigenomic advances into clinical programming. With an emphasis on biohacking, our work crosses disciplines and bodies and is, at its core, about discovering techno-biological solutions capable of restoring equilibrium in human bodies.

Kosmic Animal believes that personalized medicine is the future present of medical care. The blueprint of our genes may be have been defined by the Human Genome Project but the rules governing them are prescribed by the science of epigenomics. Therefore, the origins of health and susceptibility to disease are, in part, the result of epigenetic regulation of the genetic blueprint.

Kosmic Animal’s quest for health solutions spans the entire spectrum of approaches to functional medicine and nutrigenomics and provides solutions for complex health challenges. Our precision programming is the FUTURE of medicine and it’s here for you NOW.  The power of our work lies in its promise to provide us with novel insights into the inner workings of our genomes and provides a critical overview of the latest and most significant advances as they unfold and explores their potential application to clinical problems.

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